What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) uses refrigerant gases and a compressor to take heat from the air around us to provide heating/cooling and hot water. Typically for every 1KW of electricity used the Air Source Heat Pump will produce 3KW in return! This is referred to as the CoP rating (Coefficient of Performance). What this means is that for every 1 unit of energy used it produces 3 units of energy. So in summary it is 300% efficient. As the end users will no longer require gas, immediately they will save 100% per annum on the gas bill. Typical electricity consumption will fall by around 5%. Our Air Source Heat Pump systems work with all types of heating emitters, such as radiators or fan coils, but ultimately work best in conjunction with under floor heating. This is because the low but constant demand is ideally suited to how the Air Source Heat Pump system operates.

Why Choose Forde?

Forde have the knowledge and experience when it matters. We have installed numerous ASHP systems on all types of developments. On every enquiry we receive we produce a 'simulator' report on the development or scheme and determine how efficiently our Air Source Heat Pump will work. We are approved installers of the Daikin 'Altherma' Air Source Heat Pump; arguably one of the best heat pump in the market. Daikin, along with other major manufactuers, and Forde work closely together over the latest designs and 'Simulator' reports.

Forde have also acquired our MCS accreditation; this means we are now in a position to offer funding. For more information on MCS grant funding opportunities please contact us for more detailed information.

Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump:

  • Greater reduction of utility bills
  • Green technology, easier to access grant funding
  • Greatly increased carbon savings
  • Works in temperatures from -15c to 35c
  • Almost silent running - dB rating no larger than 48dB (Example: Small office desktop fan - 52dB)
  • Can be installed internally or externally in a property, ideal for social housing where vandalism may be problematic.

Please see below one of our ASHP installations

Services we provide: Underfloor Heating, Air Source Heat Pump Floor Screeding, Solar PV.

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