Forde install all types of primers, DPM’s, levelling compounds and resin coated systems. Having the correct flooring system in place over screeds is critical to the performance of the final flooring. Forde have years of experience installing epoxy resin coated systems including primers and DPM’s.

Forde work with the leading manufacturers such as Tremco Illbruck to offer a complete floor finishes solution. Typical Tremco products used are:

  • ES300 - DPM
  • CS100 - Epoxy Primer
  • CS150 - Acrylic Primer
  • CS175 - Epoxy Primer For Porous Substrates
  • SX100 - Smoothing Compound
  • SX200 - Self Levelling Compound
  • SX500 - Rapid Set Smoothing Compound
  • CS375 - Industrial Wearing Screed
  • CS933 - Surefoot Anti-Slip Coloured Epoxy Coating System

Wooden Floors

We supply and install engineered board and solid wooden floors. We supply and install in the following applications:

  • Schools/Libraries
  • Residential
  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Hospitals/Medical Centres
  • Sports Halls/Auditoriums
  • Day Care Centres/Nurseries
  • Nursing Homes

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