What are Solar Photovoltaics (PV)?

Solar PV is the conversion of the sun's energy to produce electricity.

This power is free as it occurs naturally, thus having no cost or impact on the environment. The power generated can either be sold back to the grid or consumed by the property. The panels used are usually of two layers of semi-conducting materials, typically silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers, causing electricity to flow. The greater the light intensity, the greater the flow of electricity.

There are three kinds of solar cells:

  • Monocrystalline - Has a typical efficiency of around 15%
  • Polycrystalline - Has a typical efficiency of at least 13%
  • Thin Film - Efficiency of around 7%

The cost of the units is most often than not higher the more efficient the cells are.

Benefits of using Solar PV:

  • Works in all type of light, even cloudy grey skies
  • More advanced panels that are more aesthetically pleasing
  • Integration to new and existing building very easy due to slimline design
  • Can be either roof mounted, free standing or integrated into the roof/facades of a building
  • Completely silent in operation

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